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What are our patients saying about Holladay Smiles? Well, believe it or not, many of them will tell you that Dr. Michael T. Smith can give great shots! Others will say that their visit was so much easier than they thought it would be. You can read what our clients think about our dental office in Millcreek, Utah, below. You can tell us about your visit with our dentist on our social media sites or you can leave a review here. If you want to find out what everyone is talking about, call 801-278-4431 and schedule your appointment!


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Our office excels at cosmetic dentistry, but we can also provide the dental restorations that can help you enjoy everything your smile has to offer. We have an in-house dental lab where we create your veneers and crowns in a single, easy visit with our team. You can enjoy your healthy, beautiful smile in just one day. Call for more information.

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